♫ Best of ELECTRO SWING Mix | December 2018 ♫


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  1. Tracklist for mobile users:

    00:00 Jamie Berry – Peeping Tom (feat. Rosie Harte)
    03:27 Swing Republic – CRAZY IN LOVE – Original Electro Swing Version
    07:18 Thrift Shop (Bart & Baker Electro Swing Remix) – Postmodern Jukebox
    10:55 ElectroSWiNG Tape Five Feat. Henrik Wagner – Dixie Biscuits (Jamie Berry Remix)
    14:33 Brokopoly
    16:49 Wolfgang Lohr – Sing Sing Sing (Instrumental)
    19:49 Electro – Swing – Jamie Berry Ft. Octavia Rose – Delight
    25:31 Wolfgang Lohr feat. Alanna Lyes – Upside Down (Radio Edit)
    28:26 Balduin feat. Alanna Lyes – Whoopedoo (Extended Mix)
    32:15 Marc Spieler – Breakfast Club
    37:00 Jamie Berry – Out Of My Mind
    40:58 Where All The Merrymakers Swing
    43:53 Wolfgang Lohr – What Will Santa Claus Say (Extended Mix)
    48:55 SNZ – Carolina Christmas (Wolfgang Lohr Remake)
    56:18 Swingrowers – No Strings Attached

  2. In my opinion a pretty competently put together compilation. While I don't really like most of the songs (they're not bad, they're just not my taste) I think there are some real gold nuggets in there. Definitely worth listening to.

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