15 Best Actual Females Pop Western Vocalists (Demi Lovato, Jessie J, Lady Gaga…)

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  1. I’m sorry I can tell you put a lot of work into this video it’s just kind of annoying to go back and fourth to see what the little pluses meant. Also it could have been much simpler where each plus meant an ability, like for example blue plus means ease in high belts so each singer can get up to five of those depending on how much ease they have.
    Also Jessie J has crazy control not just good in my opinion. Also she’s like one of the best at runs, it’s her thing but you gave her “good at runs”.

  2. I see you didn't include certain abilities of singers and didn't include their support(if it was inconsistent)
    like Ally and Demi and especially Mariah.
    but great video either way, I can tell you worked hard on it .

  3. finally someone outside the 5H/LM Fandom who noticed her, Ally has supported down to A3 a few times, has resonated D5s a few times and supported Eb5s about 4 times. just wanted to put that there, her G#3/G3s aren't always foggy like the past.😊

  4. I honestly feel Perrie edwards should be here, she is almost an equal to Ariana and Demi.
    I mean the girl supports up to A5/Bb5 in head voice inconsistent, her HV is magical. She has ease in it to D6 tho.
    Perrie was slightly better lows than the average soprano(but does show low larynx below A3 quite a bit. Her belts are supported up to C#5(D5) inconsistently, and pretty open up to Eb5, her downfall was her upper belts, which she is improving, like F#5s many times were sooooo… strained, although able to go up to Bb5. Her breath support as well is amazing, she could honestly complete against demi in sustaining notes and be a very difficult opponent.

  5. I just watch these people talking about vocal support, high larynx and tension. singing with a loud larynx does not mean tension. In fact, the larynx rises even as we speak, imagining making loud notes.

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