1956 HITS ARCHIVE: Blue Suede Shoes – Carl Perkins (#1 ‘pop’ & C&W hit)


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  1. On this day in 1956 {March 17th} Carl Perkins makes his first television appearance when he appears on the live-stage ABC-TV program, 'The Ozark Jamboree', from Springfield, Missouri…
    At the time his "Blue Suede Shoes" is in a tied at #9 on Billboard's Top 100 chart, and the record it is tied with is "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis…
    And while Carl is appearing on 'The Ozark Jamboree' television program, Elvis is 1,167 miles away in New York City appearing on theTommy & Jimmy Dorsey's 'Stage Show' program on the CBS-TV network…

  2. Although I love Carl's version, and it's the original, written and sung by Carl, which is something we can't forget, I have to go with Elvis' version, because of its raw energy. It sounds very frenzied and the guitar licks are better in my opinion. Carl's is very laid back and resembled more of a country record. And it's important to note that Elvis didn't 'Steal' this song. He and Carl Perkins were actually good friends, and Elvis originally released the song on his debut album, not as a single, which, had it been released as a single, undoubtedly would have brought him more money. When Elvis had 'Blue Suede Shoes' released as a single in September 1956, his version, and Carl's hadn't gotten any airplay in a month. Elvis made a big deal to not release the record until Carl's version was dead, as to not begin a record war and damage Carl's version's sales. But no matter where you stand on Elvis vs. Carl, both versions are unarguably classics

  3. My 7 year old kid is still too careless with these things and steps on my shoes many times, so I've played this to him countless times. That'll show him, don't mess with the shoes of a rock'n'rolling man.

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