20 years of Demi Lovato in 10 minutes HD


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  1. Whenever I feel down I always like to watch demi videos. She just inspires me so much to be myself & that everything will okay. I'm glad that she is now okay & I pray that she'll continue to heal because she helped so many of us heal.

  2. I almost cryed during this video, Demi Lovato is so AMAZING she's in my heart FOREVER XOXOX. An adorable little Girl grew up into a wonderful Singer and dancer, I LOVE DEMI SO MUCH she is in my heart always and ever. She's perfect as a PERSON I'm so weak wright now I can't even speak literally
    I…studerIng sorry I…Love her♥not just for her music and money but as a person and a human being she can make the world a better place filled with peace and Love the reason why that children are happy and full of happyness is because Demi makes them happy and full of happy-
    ness and joy she's prity, she makes me happy, and full of happyness. Kiss to Demi♥she's my girl XOXOX and I love how Pink was at the end:) yeaaaa owaaaoo O prIdy prIdy plaese!!!!!! your F*ckin perfect to meeeee yeaaaa your perfect your perfeeeeeect!!predy pridy please don't you ever ever feel like your nothing your F*ckin purfect to meeeeee! Yeaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The thing is, I love watching the early stuff of Demi, even though I know that she was going through a lot of stuff, I just feel like she was more innocent in some other ways than she is now. Some people like this "new "sexy Demi Lovato but I don't…I miss her as a kid but I suppose maybe that's me being sentimental

  4. So much has changed since then. I can’t believe she’s 25 now, I love this video❤️she’s my idol and I love her so much. She’s so inspirational I just hope i meet her some day😍🔥😩👌🏼🎤

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