21 Savage Facing Deportation, Twitter Roasts Demi Lovato + Bow Wow Attacked By GF

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  1. They both got arrested because Georgia has a law when there is a domestic violence both party of arrested. So in Georgia is you get ya ass beat and Call the cops you’re going to get arrest too. It’s a tactic to prevent people from calling the cops.

  2. Y’all laughing and making jokes but the immigration system is completely broken under trump he wiLl be locked up indefinitely that’s what they do to millions of people and the paperwork trust me you have to file days worth of paperwork and still no bail your done!!

  3. I ain't watch it Ebro. It was hard but at least Patriots, my team won. We won against Atlanta as well. But if u know me I love football. So I love a movement. You have to stand for something meaningful. Even if you stand alone. We in the minority but one day something will come out of it.

  4. Classic case of Ice doing too much!!! This man is being Successful, contributing to the American society. And he gets deported….that’s the main thing immigration is about for them to contribute!

  5. 3:32 A man should take a beating from a woman? You're out of your damn mind! People, including women, need to keep their hands to themselves. And stop making fun of Bow Wow for not hitting her back. They shamed Chris Brown for the same thing. I hate this PC culture!

  6. It sounds people are taking shots out of 21 for being from the UK, if that's the case then take shots at Slick Rick, MF Doom, Monie Love, Estelle cmon that's not cool. It's kinda small minded Hot 97. When you thought he was American then it was cool to like him, now you realise he's from the UK now you don't like him that's kinda stupid. I mean I'm not a fan of his work but I won't laugh at someone simply because they are not American what's that ????? Madness

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