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  1. Chill out, so many people seem to be confusing him being inspired by older artists with him copying them. Yeah, it's similar to older songs and artists, but it's not the exact same thing. Singers, artists, authors, and everyone who creates something to be experienced and enjoyed by other people will understand. If you don't understand, then maybe you just can't.

  2. I don't get it Marilyn Manson was born a male but changes his name to Marilyn which is a girl's name but he looks like a clown a complete douchebag idiot well he's a poser so what do you want but there's Bruno I don't know if he's born male or female gives himself a tough guy named like Bruno but looks pretty like a girl and dances like a woman so does that mean that Bruno Mars is a transvestite

  3. Little things make me happy idc about money yes i look good and my son looks good but i dont need alot to be happy and get things right away. Whatever u would do would be all u cuz i would be happy with anything. Im humble

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