5 reasons why ‘CONFIDENT era’ was Demi Lovato’s BEST ERA


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  1. I feel like Confident definitely crossed her over to a more urban crowd. I would just have to say, in this Era I feel like there were times where she tried a little too hard idk. Sometimes I just felt like she was trying to prove something this era. Something I didnt get from her in her past era. Well anyways, I cant wait to see whats in store for D6 and great video as usual!


    This is not only her best era in terms of music, recognition and vocals but also her most underrated! If only it had smashed people would appreciate it the way it deserves!

  3. I think Confident was Demi's best era. It was also her only album to be nominated for a GRAMMY, and not to mention it was her best vocally in terms of power.

    I just think that the Confident era didn't do as well as it could have (compared to her DEMI album) because of her single choices.

    When people say "Demi's best era", you'll always hear DEMI as the top one, and it's mainly because DEMI was more "Complete", telling a story from the start to finish, while maintaining unique sounds and stories, along with pop hits, compared to her other albums.

    With Confident though, I HAVE to blame her single choices for the failure of recognition that could have been her best. Cool For The Summer was a fine single choice, but I definitely wouldn't have had that as the LEAD single off of her new album. While Confident (the song) was a TERRIBLE single choice. Great message, but nothing worthwhile compared to her other tracks. Stone Cold was a nice song, especially for her vocals, but Stone Cold honestly killed the Confident era singles, not even being promoted well, nor charting/selling well. I appreciate the song so much, but it definitely would have been better off with just a "In Studio" video like what Demi did with "In Case", rather than being a single, so we could see her raw emotions when singing the song.

    If I were Demi, I would have done this with the single choices to actually get the recognition the album deserved.
    Lead Single – Kingdom Come (Ft. Iggy Azalea)
    2nd Single – Cool for the Summer
    3rd Single – Old Ways
    4th Single – Lionheart
    (Not a single but a present-video to fans like Nightingale was, or a tour video from her Future Now tour) – For You

    I think DEMI is Demi's more "Complete" album though. If I had to point out the strong things about DEMI, it'd have to be it's completeness compared to the other albums. I just feel as though Confident had the stronger tracks worth being singles as opposed to her other albums. Then with Unbroken, it's more unique than Demi's usual sound, and not to mention it's an album with bops compared to the other albums. I won't say much about Don't Forget and Here We Go Again since I never got into the rock-rock Demi tracks, though the singles from those albums complemented her voice well.


  4. Confident… ese álbum que me encanta pero que no me encanta al mismo tiempo ._. hay muchos puntos buenos, pero a mi parecer muchos puntos malos. Confident le demostró madurez vocal y es cierto, la hizo explorar nuevos ritmos que se acercaran más a lo que ella le gusta. Pero es cierto que no dio un primer vistazo acertivo… quiero decir Cool For The Summer te preparaba para un álbum que nunca llegó. Confident tiene buenas canciones como Wildifre o Old Ways que siempre entrarán en mis más memorables canciones de Demi, pero también tiene desastres como Waitin For You, y no me interesa el rango vocal que tenga en esa canción, me parece que fue una horrible decisión probar con ese estilo musical porque creo que no le queda; por otro lado teniendo cancionas tan poderosas como Lionheart, Wildfire o Kingdom Come deciden hacer single a Waitin For You, el desastre del álbum que hace que me disguste más que DEMI, pese a la evolución de su rango vocal.

  5. I see Confident as her first ever time she revealed herself as a more matured woman, more confident than before, and her vocals was near perfect, with such strong songs with message. Imagine not liking Stone Cold, Lionheart, Wildfire, Confident, and Father? No wonder it deserved a Grammy nomination.

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