Aaliyah & Beyonce – MTV Movie Awards 2000 Interview [Aaliyah.pl]


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  1. Aaliyah looked like she was just a little bit taller than Beyonce and when I looked both of them up on google, it was saying that Aaliyah was 5'7 and 1/2 and Beyonce is just 5'7.

  2. The ironic thing about this interview is that Aaliyah was rising as a solo female artist while Beyoncé was still tucked away in Destiny's Child and had yet to release her debut solo album Dangerously In Love (2003) by which time Aaliyah had already died in the plane crash and Beyoncé proceeded to blow up capturing all those Grammy trophies in 2004 and has been one of the most popular solo artists in music ever since. I don't know which of them was more popular at this point in time but I would guess it was Aaliyah since Beyoncé was still part of her girl band with Destiny's Child so it's interesting just the level of full entertainment force she gathered after Aaliyah died and just took the music world by storm. Had Aaliyah lived I still think Beyoncé would have been popular but I think Aaliyah would still be deeply celebrated today for all the music and film roles she likely would have released since 2001. Her acting in particular would have interested me given the diversity of just the two she did in Romeo Must Die (action/romance) and Queen of the Damned (horror). Those two roles alone show a great deal of talent she has to tackle different stories and characters. I'm very interested to think of what film roles she might have done had she not died. Maybe in one film she's a teacher trying to mentor a pregnant teen mom, in another she might be a cop trying to solve a murder case involving the wrongful indictment of a relative, or in another she might be superhero who was kidnapped off the street and experimented on gaining super powers which she now uses to fight crime while also learning about her past. Just so many different movie ideas she could have been in. Really kind of exciting to think about. Really cool finding singers who have very potent acting talent. By contrast I wasn't super impressed with Beyoncé's acting although she did milk her fame quite a bit in the early to mid 2000's and take on a bunch of acting roles. She and Aaliyah both have great singing talent but Aaliyah to me by far was the more skilled actress with the ability to call to mind necessary emotions to sell film scenes as authentic. =)

  3. The fact that y’all comparing a 21 year old to an 18 year old in this video is quite sad. They both loved each other and highly praised each other. Even if Aaliyah was still here, she would’ve bop to “Crazy in Love” , “Single Ladies”, etc

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