A$AP Rocky – Kids Turned Out Fine (Official Video)


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  1. This vibe reminds me of We Happy Few

    When a downer, the music is slow and life is sad & you see life realistically cruel/hard

    When happy, the music is fast and you care less of the struggles and just keep going not giving a shit of the bad/wrongs around you

  2. kids tuned out all queer and retarded like a retrograde gel pad by product like snuffing out a worm crazed parasite that you still left cling on to you to this day and time … the kids turned out all messed up as though they were a by product that gays got together with the retarded … ever been to those adult family day centers .. retrograde

  3. I still dont get why ASAP has not won a grammy for his music videos. Sure This is America was very thought provoking and current with the times, but ASAp has consistently given us jewels for videos that are on some next level of creativity

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