AC/DC – For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) Guitar Lesson (Rhythms)


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  1. ooo ooo a La Dispute song, they're not very popular and not everyone like them but most things on youtube are covers of the songs instead of tutorials which kinda sucks ;-; but i love La Dispute verrry much

  2. Excellent lesson! This sounds right. Those AC/DC chords are SO important if you want to sound like they did. That's what we all want right"? That's what makes it exciting to play guitar, because I know there is the capability to sound exactly like the track. (without their exceptional skill and gear of course) : )

    Looking forward to the solo lessons. Thanks for posting.
    I'm on this AC/DC thing since Malcolm passed. Awesome guitar and really fun to play. He did leave a permanent legacy behind. His music will never be forgotten.

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