AC/DC LIVE at Adelaide Oval 1, Intro & Rock or Bust [HD] 21/11/2015


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  1. It's because it's in bonds honor idiot! Have respect! Brian can't hold bons lunch bag! This was for the man that put the band on the map! Went to rock fest at comiskey park 79 in Chicago! Bon lead this band up on that Midwest town! Brian would of been tossed! The Midwest don't play! They loved Bonnie! So be grateful they played in Aussie! You wanker! All Brian did was the ole Geordie hey hey hey crap! Bon got the chicks Brian was dead ugly! Turned into a guy band then! So I was there! Bon had swag! Angus should be grateful for what Bon made! The singer makes the band! And salad dude is no Rudd! Just a rudder! Band is done! Malcolm dies so did the band! Brian pumped around fat and his porker hat and isn't deaf just worn out! Axl looked like a one leg guy who ate to many Big Macs! Be a Zeppelin they had class! Hung it up they were a unit not a money machine! What drummer puts a bass drum on a Tom rack and what can u play it to? Should of got cozy Powell! Wright was a wanker! Bon was it!

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