AC/DC – Rock n Roll Train


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  1. When I was around 11 years old a friend my age and I attempted to commandeer a Southern Pacific SD 40 lead locomotive mother unit coupled to three other locomotive engines at a freight yard – our obsessive ways with trains and model train railroading was immense. We weren't making progress of any kind, we were young and stupid, so I pulled the lever for the train horn for the wtf of it feeling, older operator men in overalls came running at the us from the office. We disembarked from the engine and ran. But every time I listen to this masterpiece by AC DC – there is just a sense of lawlessness and pride that comes with their hits from the 80's and throughout – now I am 40 …….. Fuck it fine ass dame Blondes, AC DC hits blasting, and a Runaway train = great times!

  2. You say 50 cent- I say Led Zeppelin
    You say Miley Cyrus- I say AC/DC

    You say T-pain-I say Guns and Roses

    You say flowers- I say Van Halen

    You say Pink- I say Pink Floyd

    You say hip hop- I say Metallica

    You say R&B- I scream Classic Rock

    You say Hannah Montana- I Punch you in the Face

    70% of teenagers and young adults have turned to hip hop and rap. If you are part of the 30% that still listen to real music, copy and paste this message to another 5 videos.


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