AC/DC – Rock Or Bust World Tour – A message from Cliff


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  1. Great guy,modest and fantastic bass player….he does not find him self in that story,without Mal,Phill and now even Brian,it is not same thing and energy is lost…. Thanks Cliff for every thing….enjoy the rest of your life!

  2. I love how even though this video is not an interview, he kept his message to people as it was an interview. It only proved again how humble he is. He didn't make it all drama, staring into camera and making a big sensation of his departure. He just said a few simple words, the same way he always did, he hasn't changed a bit since that young boy 40 years ago. What a class. What a legend.

  3. Fuck well earned rest sir, thank you for being the driving rhythm of the greatest Rocknroll band. Good luck with the next stage of your life. Dean Australia

  4. Just needed to "ring" in. Thanks Cliff. Fantastic!!. AC/DC "cemented" long ago. Indoctrinated my 15 yr. old to your music and he's making his own now. Saw you in 1983 in NM. Great memories. See you later.

  5. Hate to say it but, the more I think about it, the more I realize: It's time they all hang it up, and call it a career. See what happens with Brian and Phil. Ask Cliff to come back for the official *FAREWELL TOUR*, and go out with some dignity.

    As a final encore at every farewell show, the band should play an instrumental version of "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N Roll)" with images/video of Bon on the big screens and the audience singing the lyrics. Perhaps Brian could learn the bag pipe solo??

    Hang it up, fellas. No Brian, no Cliff, no Phil… It just isn't AC/DC anymore…

    Glad I got to see them twice.

    May 22 2009 Hoeckenheimring. 90,000 fans
    Feb 16 2016 MGM Grand Casino Hotel Las Vegas. 10,000 fans.

    By all means, pursue solo careers. Make guest appearances with each other on solo albums and tours. But without Cliff, Phil, and Brian, just hang it up with dignity.


  6. Translation: "the fuck you call this? No Phil, no Malcolm and not even Brian. Now you just have some fat screeching retard, a drummer so bald he makes Phil Collins look like fuckin' Tom Jones…fuck me. I'm done."

  7. Cliff, I will never see AC/DC live again without you. Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd being gone was already a dent in the road, but I still saw you one more time cause Stevie filled the shoes and I also liked Chris Slade. But now with Brian and you gone, as an AC/DC fan its my time to retire from seeing the band live and hearing any future records, etc.

    We salute you Cliff!!! 🤘

  8. Wished I would have made that for my uncle…It's been great grew up from 8 to 40 Damn near every tour.. Love my uncle and cousin's… Thankfully I saw brian in Houston love drinking with Brian and my family… Its been a good run. Now time for me and my cousins to make our aunt's and uncles proud… And grandparents…lol love ya your oldest nephew….

  9. One of the best cliff what a gent what a guy what a bass player of the best band in the world he deserves a break as far as I'm concerned whst with Phil gettin arrested then Brian retiring mid tour then cliff retiring and very very sadly mal passing away acdc are now done but they are and always will be to me my hero's and I bloody lucky to have seen them twice

  10. If he's back in the studio with AC/DC in 2018 I hope he doesn't feel like an ass for making his retirement speech. Im kidding, but no for real His fans would be glad he's back even just for an album.

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