AC/DC – Rock’n’roll Ain’t Noise Pollution – Melbourne, Feb12, 2001 (Malcolm with a Black Falcon DC )


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  1. Thanks, Vincent. I saw them the next two nights on this tour and noticed Malcolm used this black Gretsch whenever they played Noise Pollution. I had the chance to meet Angus and Mal after the second show and asked him why he didn't use The Beast (his name for his Jet Firebird) for Noise Pollution, and he told me it was "too buttery". I assume the acoustics just at Rod Laver Arena because I've seen him use The Beast for Noise Pollution at other venues. By the way, I'm not sure it is a Black Falcon. Mal is 5' 2" and Gretsch Falcons look huge on him. The headstock looks like one and there's definitely f-holes, but the body seems to be smaller. I'd thought it was a Duo Jet but your excellent footage shows I was wrong. Whatever, thanks very much for posting.

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