AC/DC”Rock N Roll Train”Dress Rehearsal-10/26/08


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  1. lol few things were rusty cos its the first time and yah can tell they were nervous! thats why I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! THERE STILL HUMAN! they dont act like big shots!…buh may I say that it was one of the most historic performances for AC/DC! 1st time in like..5 years performing! I LOVE YPU GUYS 😀

  2. ha ha we had them twice play st paul mn thats because I emailed angus on myspace and gave him the idea to come back and play again because the concert sold out the first time and I didn't have tickets lol

  3. watch?v=OwqyyDD82Dc just compare the rehearsal, with the way that they were on Buenos Aires.. Just compare how much they improved their fucking energy… They started slow and ended up being a fucking War Machine… Great Quality by the way 🙂

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