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  1. When my day sucks, I come listen to these Jazzhops and lofi mixes and read through the comment sections. Its a good feeling knowing There's good people out there in a world so ugly. *Namaste*
    Love and Light to all….

  2. Очень классный микс. Спасибо большое автору и тому кто залил. Сори если это 1 и тот же человек. Не суть. Слушаю на работе постоянно музыку. Но такой подборки еще не встречал. Работа идет как по маслу))) Круто очень.

  3. growing up in a particular situation,
    something all our roaming souls have in relation,
    we all grow,
    and we do it alone,
    but it's the side by side that catches our minds eye,
    the twisting of souls yearning for that origin of unity,
    two souls radiating pure radiant beauty,
    man they gaze upon one another and speak on the level of telepathy,
    the true experience of connectivity…

    yea we do this alone
    but we do it together,
    both have to figure out how to survive the common weather,
    I hope for your sake you're doing fine with all that's in your mind and you find joy in all your soul finds….

    for real…this is no joke,
    this world is not to be shrugged off as pure coincidence or chance,
    it's to find that truthful beauty in the movement of this dance,

    the fluid motion and nature in which all our souls inherent and cater….

    don't fear the alone factor,
    because it's when two who are alone come together that make laughter….and that's the beauty right there….

    I won't keep this going much longer but I hope everyday your personal joy grows a bit stronger…

    peace and love in whatever that means to you, the writer of your own definition, the one who experiences your own premonition,
    and the keeper and walker of your own destination

    this love is a salute to you, my brother or sister, but know this we are all listeners…….

    so I hope you hear it…the beauty..whatever it may be…and tho we feel it alone we both feel it in a connected, unseen way, this is where we get the power when one prays….seek this alone experience to observe and love the invisible connection that bonds us all, and sadly arguing over the interpretations has been mankind's fall….but it's not the end my friends….we are to good to not be able to again begin…we must let our compassion mend….heal this unhealthy vibration of negativity, trying to stunt and limit our infinite creativity….this isn't for me, and I'll continue to fight it for you until it's the last thing i can physically or mentally do…lay myself on the line for the betterment of our collective conscious….

    we all deserve to see and experience this beauty equally because equally we all portray and are inherent to all this beauty.
    .believe that….there is a negative charge claiming to be in charge and it's up to us to charge the lines of reason and no longer give them a reason to continue this conscious treason….its not about what, but HOW you believe in….practice what you preach? live lessons that's you teach? grabbed goals that seemed out of reach?

    we are designed to live by an example, to exchange wisdoms, not withhold them….to accept all people's, and never to condemn….

    whatever we are we share being alone, and whatever we do we share with how we interact and grow…and our histories clearly show this internal struggle for the reality of what is truly free…which is your alone perception, and all you see….grow together my fellow products of love and beauty and let's strive for a new scene…one more equal, and driven by unity…

    peace and love to all,
    for all are a piece of love.

  4. When I think about me being lonely, I think "is it me that pushes ppl away?" It makes me think of all my weaknesses that make me feel this terrible darkness. I am working hard on building the strength to overcome them. I think loneliness is our brain tricking us into thinking that other ppl are my problem… just some thoughts of mine…peace and love, reader. <3

  5. I'm cince 8 years living alone because I have some special sickness that I can't be with people until 13 I was normal but after 13 I get some sickness I can't living with people right now I'm 19 years some time I'm can't speak for one year when I was born I was normal I'm going to school in Pakistan originally I'm from Afghanistan cos of war me and my family law in Pakistan right now I'm living in Germany for long years still I have no friend no one it's too hard for me😞😞

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