Ana Moura *Moura #1* Moura Encantada


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  1. ''It is legend, in the mouraria What great wealth there For a saved Moorish One day someone asked me If the Moorish that there is in my name It is this enchanted Moorish Do not know, I only know that I give And I forget of who I am As in a deep sleep And in the dreams that I'm going to I guess and turn away All the dreams of the world My voice, suddenly It's the voice of all the people Of all that life has When the night comes to an end I go looking for me And I do not find nobody No I know if it's a legend or not If it's a charm or a curse Sometimes it weighs so much I know it's free or doomed And without thinking about anything I close my eyes and sing I'll maybe be enchanted And being so everything and nothing I close my eyes and sing''

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