Ana Moura – ‘Primeira Vez’


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  1. if you want any help in learning portuguese i am glad to do it…you will see that our country, Portugal is one of the most beautiful and history filled countries in the whole world…plus we got awesome beer and smokin' fuckin' hot chicks 😀

  2. First Time '
    First it was a smile
    Then, almost without warning,
    Is that the kiss happened
    This infinite second
    Out of me and the world
    My voice was speechless!
    Gestures were suspended
    And desires, immense,
    How quiet poems,
    Wove the melody
    While the Moon wore
    Our bodies denuded.
    Two stars on my chest
    In your, my perfect angel,
    The voice of shells hidden
    The sheets, sea waves
    Where were shipwrecked
    As two boats lost!
    The sheets, sea waves
    Where were shipwrecked
    All our senses!
    (google translator)

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