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  1. Beyonce is a witch. And all she has been doing all these years is dancing like a crazy person on stage. Like she is mad. And people look in awe like wow. She stepped out this time though finally decent music. With proper beat worth even to listen too.

  2. There is pleasure in sin for a season but end thereof is death,What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul, There has had to be family members on both their sides that
    have tried to instill in them these truths.The main thing is that they are influencing millions of mostly young people that their lifestyle is ok and making them stumble,which they will have to account for to God if they don't change and renounce this Money,material,sex and drug glorifying crap I've been watching for years now.

  3. Cardi made acompent bout mokeys but they were the first here and evolved. that is natural selection. we have melanin that protects us from the sun its a form of survival. I don't know why we can just negatively reinforce everything into an accomplishment. even if you don't have a lot of money spiritually you might have made accomplishments that is not of the norm. everyone thinks this is the only life. what if god gives us many trials. think bout it.

  4. Just like bodak yellow when u secure the right beat the song has the potential to take off. Beat masters can charge into the tens of thousands but when u finna make millions off a song or albums it’s worth it. Nice flow B.

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