Best of Rock ‘n’ Roll Mix – 50s & 60s


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  1. I'm born in 57, and we, my friends, and I listened to this music, when we started to roam around in our cars.
    At 17-18 yrs of age, and we haven't stopped listen to this music yet.
    And this town we live in, in Norway, are the town with the highest density of old American cars in Norway, and therefore also old Rock'n Roll music.
    Ah, and the town are named Halden. Near the Swedish border. Come visit in the summer, a lot of things happen here. 🙂

  2. That picture looks most likely from the 40s rather than the 50s. Looks late 40s like maybe 1947? 1948? The cut and silhouette of their clothing, as well as their hair curl pattern and length definitely screams 40s. Not fifties.

  3. Мне так хочется жить в то время в Америке а не в этой жопе (России) единственная надежда это игры типо Red redemption 2 только в десятки раз круче и про то время и в виаром но я думаю лет через 20 таике будут

  4. I,m Old Yes But that Was Music Not the Crap they Play Bam Bam Just Like Flintstones,s We Don,t need that And The Other Stuff Is all Sad Killin So Let,s Go back And Enjoy the Tune,s Of The Past Amen

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