Beyonce Hospital Lawsuit Drama


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  1. @psychoukoh Yup its true. He was talking on the news this morning about it. Sad! And I agree. This isnt a hotel you cant just rent it out and take over like you own it smh! He had premature twins that needed care and he couldnt see them. I knew they were arrogant and nasty before but damn who do they think they are?

  2. SOP. Hospitals pander to the rich and powerful. Hospital spokespeople exist to present the hospital and it's administrators in a positive light. Any relationship between their statements and the truth is entirely coincidental.

  3. The hospital will settle with the people who were bullied by Beyonce's insecurity goons with an off the record apology, a minimal payout, and will insist on a non-disclosure agreement.

  4. if i was having my son when and where she had her baby i would be raged at beyonce and jay z they are the ones who caused the drama and put others at risk i would be sueing the PARENTS not the poor doctors and nurses that did what they were told

  5. I worked for a time at what we jokingly referred to as the country's largest university owned by a teaching hospital. This was absolutely standard procedure. Common patients and visitors were routinely displaced for the convenience of large donors, university administrators, and players and coaches from the division one, income producing sports.

  6. @ravens242424 . You are 100% right. Its stupid how JayZ calls himself Jesus. Im certain that Jesus would never do something as arrogant as that, so why should JayZ be calling himself the Messiah. And a kitchen, seriously? Why could Beyonce possibly be cooking? Hospitals have food you know. This is just typical celebrity bullshit! JayZ is a stupid punk who thinks hes a hot shit because hes a rich rapper. If Biggie Smalls and Tupac were alive, they would literally SHIT on him!

  7. these two are something else they wanted privacy they should have built a hospital in their own house i believe like many hat beyonce wasnt pregnant they can do much with photo shop these days i could care less who had the baby

  8. People, someone could have and would have gotten compromising pics or videos… everyone has a cell phone with a camera now…someone would have recorded her..that would be crazy to have an audio of her screaming or pics or vids of herself with her legs up in the air giving birth or audio of private moments……You know as well as I do that if she would have had the baby like the rest of the folks there would be pics, vids, and audio recordings all over the net….GIVE THEM A BREAK !!!!

  9. The hospital should be thoroughly fine for that. The family should be mad at beyonce a and jay z, if it wasn't for them throwing their money around poor people would not have suffered. Shame on beyonce and jay z for being so selfish and vain. I will not be buying a new album from either one!

  10. Do you even read what you write? Do Beyonce and Jay Z own the hospital? Fuck no. It is not their place to run the show at a hospital. You should try thinking rationally and maybe you'll realize those two are no more human than you or I and are not entitled to take over the place.

  11. I was thinking the same thing lol they have the money to have all the medicine, doctors, nurses etc at their home. the one part that really hurt was when that man couldn't see his child in the NICU just because they bought the whole floor.

  12. I hate that bitch! How dare she? Her n jay got some nerves! Bey n jay are humans like erbody else…You fans are the real blame tho, letting her think she's God or something! That's the reason she pulled it. Y'all adore n admire n worship that trick too much! #middlefingersup

  13. Im going to ask everybody who's talking ** to answer this.. How would you feel, if you were WORLD WIDE famous woman, with people practically following you everywhere as if they are your best friends, following you into a hospital when you are about to have a baby with NO peace?

  14. Who the fuck do they think are?!.  What makes their kid so goddamn special?!. I would sue the hospital and Beyoncé and Jay Z, take them to court and take them for all they have, suck them dry!!!!.

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