Beyoncé & Jay-Z – Die With You – (Lyrics/Lyrics Video) – (Wedding Song)


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  1. i played this song the entire time i was pregnant til the day my son was born. now every time he’s upset or cries in the car, i play this song & he calms down & listens. this is the only song he calms down to. he’s 11 months now & i play it at night for him to sleep sometimes. it’s crazy how pregnancy works. i love this part of life & i love this song. ❤️

  2. This was our song , my boyfriend and i
    we always sang this song to each other ….
    I thought we gonna have a lifetime together, I bought rings planned for a romantic get away to propose to him …. unfortunately he passed away one week before my proposal… my life has fallen apart , all what i have left are memories and his belongings
    He was only 27 …..

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