Beyoncé – Listen (From the Motion Picture “Dreamgirls”) (Live – PCM Stereo Version)


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  1. Beyonce a up to nothing y'all. She just trying to fill them seats with Jay-Z on that on the Run Tour. Hence why I see an ad for tickets to their show below this video.

  2. I love you so much Beyonce I everytime I think of you I be like what will happened if you was my mom I will be talking about you forever but I wish I was your daughter you would have 4 kids I love you much I just wanna cry because your my favorite singer

  3. A Beyoncé and Jay-Z kinda love! Jackie Robinson and Rachel Robinson had a Sunday kinda love too! Enjoy the video presentation This extraordinary artistic expression and representation of Rachel Robinson, the widow of baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson, by Xiaonan Sun, and the accompanying beautiful saxophone rendition of “Walking the Wire” by Imagine Dragons, performed by James E. Green, serves as a clarion call for all of us to work with Congress to recognize Mrs. Robinson as a living national treasure.

  4. Boy, she really is into the year of gold… my wish for the world is that people would realize and have faith in their talent and know that they don’t need corruption to get them there. Why any mother would want to raise her children into a world where only the select few rise to power and they do it through secret societies…I have no idea. My children, I raised them to be free and under the control of no man but the one true God, Jesus Christ. Much love & prayers for you, Shelbie =)💚💋

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