Beyoncé Makes The Crowd Cry At Global Citizens + 6ix9ine To Be Re-sentenced In ANOTHER Case


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  1. The "reporting" on 69 from hot 97 is just brutal, they don't even care to state the facts clearly. He's being resentenced to time served because he's in fu**ing jail and can't do the community service. The state sees it as pointless so they are dropping it. Which to me seems like a good deal. At least all he has to worry about now are the feds lol

  2. Great he should not have gotten off the first time I think the FBI
    Helped get him off so they can come after him now 17 or 18 year olds should not be fuccing a 13 year old she girl more then likely only had her first or second monthly hes sick for that and people still love him shits crazy

  3. What people don't realize is that when you get sentenced to probation, that means you cannot have ANY police contact, violations, etc. So when he got these new charges he was basically in violation of his probation and will get re-sentenced. Same thing that was happening to Meek Mill and why he continued to go back to court/jail for things he did years ago.

  4. Probation means if you violate, the charges that put you on the probation in the first place are back on the table. Lol. Has Ebro ever claimed to be in the streets? That’s basic knowledge to a street dude.

  5. I’m an Adult and MJ has made me cry soo many times, that movie he made before he passed, just looking at the respect he got from his whole “Team.” His gentleness, OMG! It Phucked me up, then when he passed I asked God, Why???? Society did him wrong….

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