Beyoncé – Me, Myself and I (Video Version)


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  1. Ya’ll one direction fans gotta leave stop hating on beyonce. If she is so overrated then why do ya’ll have to come here and say that like leave that negative shit out of here . Like before he even made that cover this song was a classic and still is and now this cover is making ya’ll think ya’ll can just leave hate like wtf. Because if she was so overrated your idol wouldn’t had made a whole cover to the fucking song . Like make a exit 🙄

  2. Please guys, Let's be real, Only the true and old fans really knew this song, it's good having somebody like Zayn to upgrade it for the new generation, He did a good cover, But Beyoncé is irreplacable!

  3. I’m sorry but Zain’s cover is swag. 😐😑🤧☠️

    This is the real shit right here boys and girls. 👊🏿🤘🏿✊🏿🖕🏿💍👄👁🧠🗣💃🏽💥🔥☀️💯💜❤️🖤🎆🎇🌠🌅🌄🌃💝☯️♈️💟🔯🆔♎️♋️♏️♓️⚛️☣️✴️🆚♨️❗️💯🔆⚜️❇️✅▶️⏸⏺🔂🏧

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