Beyoncé – Smash Into You (Live – PCM Stereo Version)


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  1. Sorry people but she's way over  rated, all you need is the right P R  personal, and anyone can make it , all they have to do is keep someone in your face 24 7 and keep telling you that there great, until you believe it

  2. I keep tryna tell y’all this was her BEST album! Not only that, it was her best tour – everything from her songs, outfits and choreography were I C O N I C !

    This over Lemonade ANY DAY!

  3. This is say how she has to be a superstar and she probably tired of it but she has to keep going and she probably wishes she has normal life or atleast time so she can have just for her self and her family. Cause life is short. And all this hard work really is for other peoples pleasure but what about her life? What she wants to do… Be there wither kids and husband and her family and just live life for herself. Idk maybe i thought too much into it but you gotta think about it …shes is human too ….

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