Beyoncé & the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory, Explained


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  1. Explained how.. Rolling stone is in it lol, Explain jay z and his crowley connections, his clothing line that literally hides the eye of horus behind his brand on a black hat…the overdone symbolism and honestly lady gaga was the straw that broke the camels back but I questioned this before I knew what the illuminati was, I was looking through itunes..Hey EYE TUNES lol any way I was looking at songs and literally said I wonder why every artist is covering there eye. Better proof is Lindsey Lohan "rumors" On the roof in the music video she does the pyramid and eye and NO ONE was mainstream talking about the illuminati and it was all about something following her that she needed to get away from but it was suppose to be just people and paparrazzi so if it was to go with the song it made no sense and you can't say it was for publicity or trolling because….NO ONE KNEW. Even Yugioh had the pyramid and eye around Yugi's neck (millenium puzzle) This stuff is childs play and this video is a lie. -A secret society stays hidden if no one believes the secret when they tell you. So if you want to know how a secret society is still a secret when the evidence is out there…This is how, If I tell you a secret and you don't believe me It is still a secret. Simple. There's enough to prove it exists and rock artists who left expose it all the time, Back in the 70's a well known musician spilled the beans. Just stop with the "it's only conspiracy" crap. Also conspiracy doesn't mean wrong, or false but it is now used as a dismissive word. Simply saying the word illuminati causes people to shut down. To expose it we now need to use different terms. They are good at hiding. This world has been around a long time. You think there never was a gathering of people with hidden knowledge…. That is rediculous.

  2. Yes they have been using scalar energy in every way to benefit them and hurt the public. They also have direct connection with the Reptillians and Anunnaki and many other multidimensional species. Everything that society has led the public the last few thousand years has been false or twisted or half truth. But We are in the shift now. Its all changing. This video was a waste of 3 minutes.

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  4. Exactly! Satan has convinced the world God doesn't exist while controlling his pawns to convince the world that he does exist. Everything happens for a reason and everything happens because he wants it to happen. People need to research this and see all the entertainers admitting, all the entertainers and politicians and others that have been silenced by death (DOORKNOB HANGINGS) CERN is about to carry on with Satan's plan to bring him and his minions to our dimension. The Mandela effect ain't got shit on what's to come. Buzz Aldrin tweeted and warned us before deleting the tweets. Also tweeted about the moon landing was staged. Plato, Shakespeare, Mark Twain just to name a few, gave compelling statements and stories telling us something about the 'reality' we call life. Basically a matrix type of world being run by someone behind the curtain. The world is a stage and the entertainment industry has a very profound impact on life itself. Unfortunately, people once again, worship 'Idols' and 'stars' (notice the Satanic resemblance). Saturn is Lord of the rings, Star of Satan, shaped like a CD or DVD (no coincidence) because Stars are illuminated by sound waves and different frequencies make different patterns and shapes. That's why there's what's known as the Saturn Cube, with 6 sides and 6 corners, a Cube also has 6 sides. Nissan's emblem is Saturn and Nissan also has a Cube, rogue, I'm thinking The tundra refers to the Antarctica pyramid where Satan is frozen until he gains enough power or CERN releases him into our dimension. Maybe that's what Buzz Aldrin was warning us about. So when people deny God and applauded Christian Bale for giving thanks to Satan, we're living in dangerous times my brothers and sisters. I urge everyone to question everything and stop trusting fake news when you realize they're all saying the same thing, even using the same exact words!! The same force behind Lincoln's assassination is behind Kennedy's assassination and the strange relations behind both is way too much to dismiss as coincidence. Bush and skull and bones were responsible for Kennedy's assassination. That's why his death was staged soon after his wife and McCain. Bush Jr will probably go next, or Hillary, if she didn't already die in NY… At least 3 different news outlets reported her death and one of the reports was never retracted, even though the others were. Well I urge you to investigate these things and may God guide you towards finding the truth and spreading the truth. God bless

  5. The Lumis are real but bullshit bloodline the men got so jealous that they married and had
    children with pretty dumb bimbos when they supposed to keep the bloodline strong they so powerful that they couldn't recognize that they have a proficy to begin because the control
    they have listen we are all seriously sick eating meat a flesh that is exact to our human flesh
    i know its hard to believe that's why we need to know they are not the ones who was chosen this gift to revive the human race to Kingdome there bloodline is wiped out completely thats
    why they do shit like this secrecy to feel like bloodline is still true to belief trust me its a lost Kingdom they fall cause of stupidity and so on…………………………..

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  9. You obviously dont understand the construct of consciousness the reason why songs played backwards say anything …….
    Left to Right = Light Reality …….. back Left = Darkness Actuality
    Two Fish …………………………………………Selfish
    Adam and Eve …………………………………Serpent Dogs called pup-pets
    Spirit and Soul………………………………….Ego
    Alpha and Omega ……………………………Beta
    True Self ……Subconscious ………………False Self ……Conscious A Con with knowledge.
    Human …………………………………………….Devil Dog evil Live God

    The mark of the beast is the Ego I on the forehead and worthless money in that right hand.
    The more the dog the bigger the dog houses……
    Dogma Am God
    Dogma Matrix………. Dog M through A Trix

    In other words these people have sold out the human race …… and their Soul for money and fame…….

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