Beyoncé – Upgrade U (Video) ft. Jay-Z


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  1. Everytime I come up on here there are always unnecessary comments, literally Comments with a great potential to break a happy family. I didn't expect this. 2 people are in a relationship in any part of the world because God knows they'd be good for each other and both have what the other lacks making them a perfect fit. It's definitely not one sided. We forgot about Janet Jackson but she's most iconic and why is that? See what I'm getting to?

  2. Wow these two used to really be relationship goals to me…. Hey, but then we grow up and realize that the world isn't always as rosy as it we'd like it to be or as it's portrayed to be… Love this video though,, CUTE!

  3. волкова(ласый) светлана дмитриевна ,утверждающая , что по нации полячка, продола своего сына из-за третьичного волосяного покрова на теле президентши россии путинки-самки без волос-промежуточному звену между мужчиной и женщиной-калигуле у власти-алкоглички-которой ощущение блат хаты нравится после иосифа сталина..вот и хочет с милицией-полицией посадить незаконно чипированного волкова антона леонидовича в тюрьму..

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