Beyoncé USA National Anthem Live @ Super Bowl 2004 [HQ]


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  1. Ok Whitney's was SO much better than this. How is there any question or comparison? Beyonce has a beautiful voice yes. But have you SEEN Whitney's 1991 performance of this? And not only was Whitney's better vocally, she got so emotional and heartfelt singing it.

  2. She's really perfected her craft through vigorous training before her father threw her to the real music world. First of all, the way she stood on that stage exemplify so much confidence. Not a trace of intimidation in her face like a seasoned performer should be. She OWNS that stadium. Secondly, her pitch is incredibly perfect and the way she projects her voice with controlled volume (given the humongous place) is insane. Third, her low notes have been mastered and her belts are so resonant and powerful (not a tinge of strain on it). Also, her stamina and breathing control to even scale upward with so much ease is madness. This is why when I see someone talking shit about her vocals, I wouldn't let it pass through and educate their ignorant jealous ass.

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