Beyoncé vs. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker


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  1. Who are you to say what is or isn't cultural. Different music and styles appeal to different people art and music has went through many different genres through history. plays, oprah, classical, orchestra. To call this not culture is an insult to the millions if not billions of people who find their identity within the pop culture including the artists who spend their time delivering to the rest of the world entertainment with and without being asked because it's wht they love to do.

  2. You guys do realize that she did get rights to do this. Instead of just assuming and slanering go research before you post comments about how people who buy her music are unintelligent and how it isn't culture. Beyonce always gives credit where it's due this is a case. I think it's a cool mix of culture because you need to bring something new to the table to keep people interested and also get people interested in other genres of music. Nelly and Tim Mcgraw did this now i like country music. 🙂

  3. @ToadyMcgee exactly i remember when i was in 4th grade over 10 years ago and pretty much copy and paste an article on chimpanzees and my teacher was going to actually write me up for plagiarism but she was lenient and let me do it over i learned my lesson and now every time i do a term paper i cite people maybe wendy was right she does has a 5th grade education

  4. We learned about de keersmaeker because she's Belgian like us, and I checked it, this was really stolen, they never intended to ask the original choreographe if they could use the same moves, background an clothes. I really don't care about nor beyonce nor de keersmaeker but if you don't believe this wasn't stolen, then go to the site of studio Brussel X3

  5. Idk. These two are so close that I believe this is more of an ode to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker than a steal. I think if she was gonna steal some choreography she'd do it in a more discreet way.

  6. Well, the song has samples from Boyz II Men. So you could say the moves were 'sampled' from AT De Keersmaeker.
    All artists do this. I don't know what your favorite band or artist is but they probably did covers or used samples from songs without giving any credit. That's just how the music industry works =)

  7. A cover is literally one's interpretation of a song which they fully announce and acknowledge was originally written and/or performed by another artist. Sampling implies using part of someone else's work and incorporating it into your own original creative work. Also, sampling is always acknowledged in the writing credits for any purchased physical copy of the music, whereas a music video has no equivalent. The moves weren't sampled, she straight up copied the entire choreography costumes & all.

  8. Artists rarely give credit.
    Going forth on your likes I saw Kylie Minogue, half her songs contain uncredited samples, and a nice one on that Duck Sauce song, it's basically replaying /watch?v=CVAG6lqQqo0 most people knew this already just because the original is also kinda famous but lot's of samples remain 'secret' if you will… Not that I have a problem with that, it's a good thing if hidden gems are found. But don't deny the fact, many songs are just reinterpretations of others their work.

  9. Rude, narrow-minded and unsubstantiated drivel; exactly the kind of response I expected from the average Beyonce fan.
    But to answer to your thoughtless argument; If one is 'inspired' by someone else's work one should show the decency to first ASK the person in question for permission to use some of his/her ideas. Beyonce decided to ignore that and made it look like it was her own work, which it wasn't. I could go about how clueless your statement is but you're not worth the additional effort.

  10. Plagiarism = lazy. I'm glad they got caught. I don't know if I'd blame Beyonce as much as the choreographer who staged the video. On the other hand, if Beyonce watched the De Keersmaeker performance and stole the movements, that would really knock her down a few notches as a creative artist. Does anyone know whether she did? 

  11. People forget that celebrities are surrounded by influencers… maybe it wasn't Beyonce but her choreographer or art director or stylist/brand consultant or agent who copied and Beyonce literally didn't know. But if it was Beyonce and her entourage didn't stress the importance of contacting Anne then that's a management problem…

  12. I'm looking for a long time for a DVD cope of "Rosas Danst Rosas".

    Actually, I'm impressed that Beyonce is aware of such gems. But maybe it was just one of her producers, someone who has really studied and developed an expertise, and thus she again has a plausible deniability.

  13. Obviously she wasn't stealing the artists work! It's more of an ode to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, and as an artist she likes to recognize her for her great accomplishments  to both the dance and art industry. I mean, how many of you actually knew who Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker was before watching this video? Exactly. Beyonce is just trying to make her more accessible to the 21st century because I, along with many other people, would've never known about her if I hadn't watched video in the first place.  So thank-you Beyonce for helping me find a truly amazing artist and for being inspired 🙂 . 

  14. First off you all jealous second if you can do better go ahead and try i will wait for your video. Oh wait you can't do better so you hate on those who can do what you can't.Do you know how hard it is to come up with unseen dance moves? Not easy at all. Everything is copied from another and even the one who you think is the original isn't. Turns out they copied from another. So please find another reason to hate cause you basic reason comes from some basic bitches.

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