Beyoncé “XO” :30 Preview


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  1. Man B, that was a wrong decision to use the excerpt from the challenger explosion in the beginning of this song. .That would be like using an excerpt from "9-11" in your song. .bad call B.. bad call 🙁

  2. Anyone that believes that this song is in disrespect to the challenger victims is dead wrong and absolutely stupid! The choice to use one of the darkest times in US history in a song that was meant to lift spirits in actually genius!! The song is saying basically love while we have the chance to. Nothing in life is promised, feel good and live in the moment. I sympathize with the families of the events. However there are songs that speak of wars in the middle east, and Asia, yet there is no media coverage and families are not rushing for a bit of the limelight. People, old wounds like these never heal as long as we stay mad. Being mad and taking it out on Beyoncé will not bring back your loved ones or take back the tragedy. But if you listen to the song with an open mind and heart, perhaps it might help you in a way you weren't expecting.

  3. our beyonce i am Brazilian
    and I did not know that you copied Anitta
    is not sad I think you
    sabi not respect me so fond of her
    nossa beyonce eu sou brasileira 
    e não sabia que a anitta te copiava
    não fica triste eu acho que voce
    não sabi respeitar eu so fã dela

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