Billy Idol performing REBEL YELL live at The Big Fresno Fair, Oct. 13, 2011


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  1. He's ultra-rich enough to have a personal trainer every day to keep that body toned. He also was really thin as a young man, which often (like me LOL) translates into a nice chest at middle age, whereas a lot of the muscle boys have turned to fat.

  2. Thanks for commenting. Yes, i'm sure he has a trainer–and good for him. At his age he really does look great. As another said, he looks better than a lot half of his age. Good for him for making the effort.

  3. Daaaaaamn, 4 years ago!
    I was there, not inside the stage area though ;-; , I was somewhere off to the side seeing his performance through a fence. XD
    Didn't know who he was back then sadly, but I knew that song! Haha.
    Memories. Xd

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