BRAIN CALMING MUSIC || Stress Relief & Nerve Regeneration || Brain Wave Therapy Music


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  1. Such a stressful day, i sat down with my little sister to help her with math homework and i basically wasted my time because she didn't understand anything at the end. I didn't do my homework because i had to help her but it was such a big waste while at the end she doesn't get anything. I'm sooooo pissed so this helped me now

  2. I was doing homework one day after a long day of school and extracurriculars, and I just couldn't seem to finish the rest of my homework, I had a migraine, I didn't want to do anything, so I turned this on my headphones. After only 5 minutes of listening I immediately started to breathe and calm down. Thank you so much.

  3. Im gonna try and meditate to this,my mom is dying of cancer,im her primary care.Almost everything is going wrong. If anyone has any sugestions besides this one,i could really need the help. I live in the country in M.N. and there aren't any sanghas or temples,so im alone…

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