Brian Johnson (of AC/DC) – Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin Cover)


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  1. its not ac/dc, its brian singin with geordie. if im right the story goes, one of the geordie members needed his teeth fixed, so they organised a reunion gig so he could get it sorted out. i was in classic rock magazine with the title of LET THERE BE TEETH! pretty sure it was classic rock? not sure what year tho. surely someone must remember readin that?

  2. ultimate zep cover band
    brian johnson vocals
    jimmy page guitar
    john paul jones everything with strings or keys lol
    dave grohl bloody good drummer and about as close to bonham as you can get now

  3. Overall a good cover – Johnson's vocals are suited to this style of Zep's music, and Angus's guitar solo is right on the money. The drumming however doesn't do the late great Bonzo justice, but then again whose could? With the possible exception of Keith Moon (who of course has also unfortunately passed away). :/
    Whatever the case, I would've loved to have seen that gig! 🙂

  4. I think that was in Orlando in the Hard Rock Café, Velvet Revolver (Slash) had a gig there and Brian took over the vocals for this song. After the show they signed a Gibson Les Paul and now it is in a Hard Rock Café in Prague.

  5. Shows what you can do when you use your natural range and good technique. Plant never really had that range. Always forced it and never had great techniques. Daltrey, plant, Lee Roth etc. They are all suffering now

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