Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) [Official Lyric Video] – Hillsong Worship


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  1. My friend. Grief will ebb and flow. Let it. Take one day at a time. I lost a daughter on Christmas Day. I can tell you it will slowly, by his infinite grace , get easier. You WILL see your missing loved one again❤️

  2. Lord please guide me on the path you have laid for me I know you alone know my heart better than I do and the heart of those around me please help us get out of our own way so we can better love ourselves and each other. Keep us happy, keep us healthy, keep us humble Amen

  3. ive made alot of mistakes in my lyf….bt Jesus was always there to give another chance,not to punish me or comdemn me bt to show me that he loves me and that everything is alright as long as i look up only to him…..i love u Jesus….😚😚

  4. Life without God?
    Ecclesiastes 1:2 New International Version (NIV)

    2 “Meaningless! Meaningless!”
        says the Teacher.
    “Utterly meaningless!
        Everything is meaningless.”

  5. I have 2 and a half years clean off Meth and Herion. I was an everyday IV user with two children, a home and no faith. I was arrested and went to rehab and found Jesus. This day two years ago is when I knew for sure that all this joy I felt was him. Today I'm married and we have a 3rd child. I'm in a wheelchair now but getting better. Still filled with joy and hope for the future even with my medical needs. God's got me….. God's got you. Praise him and happy holidays. This was the first Christian song I ever obsessed over. Lol

  6. People think that being a Christian is super easy, that because we are christian we don't have problems and that Everything is a paradise. But man being a christian is so hard. It's so hard to not lose your faith and stay loyal to God. It's a battle, but fighting for it's worth it.

  7. I'm not baptized but I do believe in God. A couple of months ago I would go to every service because I believed that God was helping me with my depression. Before attending, it was really bad and I was at the point where I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, and I felt like my friends didn't understand so I stop socializing with them and I got involved with some pretty bad people. Soon after that's dark time, I met some people who are now my closest friends who introduced me to the pastors son at a church close to my house. The pastors son and I had endless conversations about how God has a plan for everyone, but not to long after those conversations, my grades started to go down. I wasn't allowed to go to church or spend time with my friends. As my father started to verbally abuse me, I started to wonder if God was really there with me, wondered if he even had a plan for me. Every one at my school thinks that this is so stupid but I snuck out every week just to go to church, but it wasn't because I wanted to be with the Father. I prayed and I prayed and He never answered. I felt alone. My connection with God seems to have been severed and I feel like it still is because I can never feel his presents… Even in prier. I still wonder if he has a plan for me. I don't know what to do.

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