Bruno Mars: Biography and Origins


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  1. Pero es que ustedes no entienden el es Americano ,nació en Hawaii pero de padres filipinos y puertorican soooooooo heeellooooo es Americano valla donde valla. Con sangre filirriqueño jejejejjee. 😜 traduscanlo por que me cansé ya de escribir.

  2. I know you call him an artist but when your top 40 middle-of-the-road commercially viable that's not where are lies I'm sorry he sells a lot of albums that doesn't make him an artist makes him up reformer it show business he's one big cliche see I'm a rocker I like rock that's why you don't see any rock on MTV you don't see any Rock on the Grammys you don't see any rock at the Super Bowl because it's intense It's Full Throttle this is safe cliche bullshit he's a poser and he's show business it's not art okay art is in the shadows art is not in the mainstream when you go to a gallery to see paintings you do not want to see paint by numbers or black velvet paintings you want to see sculptures and stuff that is cutting-edge mind-blowing Bruno Mars does neither he gives just nice easy-going expected non-threatening pussy ass bullshit so he might be a great performer if you like that sort of thing but don't call him and artist there's nothing artistic about this little homo

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