Bruno Mars Interview – His real life inspiration behind “Just The Way You Are”


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  1. bo not let people think you are not a great and handsome person because I think you is the best famous person I ever saw in the world Bruno Mars I really love you with all my heart this Ariel Reams a only fan of you

  2. Someone needs to iron the interviewer’s shirt, straighten that damn tie and pull the inspector gadget mustache off his lip. Bruno made that guy look like a slob. lol

  3. I really love Bruno 's story about his real life inspiration for his song just the way you are. And I also have a real life inspiration story for that song too is because I was born with down syndrome and I was getting bullied by my disability and when I heard this song in 2010, I got inspired by it. And I want to thank Bruno mars for writing this special song that changed my life forever. When I was a teenager, I got in trouble for so many reasons. I stole the old classic books by my science teacher, I dated the wrong boys by making a lot of mistakes by not going slow and getting out of control and when I was 18 years old,I was sexting and I was not thinking straight. And after that, I had to own up to take responsibility for my actions. Sometimes I have a hard time paying attention to Bruno mars 's music because of what I had done to myself. And finally, I got inspired by his music and it changed my life forever and I never wanted to give up on myself to make a difference in life. I wish that I can tell Bruno mars how much his music inspired me a lot. His music changed my life forever. I love Bruno mars forever!!!!!!

  4. The story behind his song Just The Way You Are is absolute shocking. For me, Just The Way You Are has connected me to my real-life inspiration about being born with Down Syndrome. When I was a kid, I didn't like the way I looked. I thought I was ugly at first, but I was wrong to think like that. Since 2010, I fell deeply and secretly in love with Bruno and his song Just The Way You Are. I got inspired by this song and I want to thank Bruno for it ever since he wrote the amazing lyrics that changed me completely. I wish that I can become a famous author and becoming his famous girlfriend that can make the world a better place for him someday. And I know that he would want a girlfriend to always care for other people, being kind to one another and always working harder to reach their goals instead of relying on people to get it. And I want Bruno Mars to read this message. What I just wrote is 100% true.

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