Bruno Mars Wins Album Of The Year | Acceptance Speech | 60th GRAMMYs


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  1. I been to that show Magic of Polynesia at the Hilton Hawaiian Village! Little did I know he was gonna be a superstar. My mom took us bcus she was a travel agent and we got free tickets. He was such an awesome performer at that young age.

  2. In my opinion Melodrama should have won it was a piece of art and so amazingly deep Bruno’s album just seemed shallow and like literally any other pop song and lorded music was so unique and beautiful it should have one I think Bruno was the least out of all the nominees

  3. Although 24k is an amazingly extraordinary album and probably the best by Bruno (I personally like it), Lorde's Melodrama should've won. Again, yes, 24k Magic is amazing, but not compared to Melodrama.
    Anyways, congratulations.

  4. Bruno album was nice – Versace is dope
    Lorde's Melodrama – was truly incredible
    4:44 – should of won Album of The Year
    DAMN- is probably the most perfect album
    Gambino – put out a classic masterpiece

    That being said Bruno Mars did not deserve album of the year

    it should of went to anyone but Bruno But they disrespectful to black music & Lorde didn't even get to perform – WTF

    The Grammy's are dead and I don't know why Drake and ect don't just get together and boycott the Grammy's – cause it's out of touch with the culture.
    I heart or billboard or a new award show need to take over cause these Grammy's are old and dumb as fuck no logic

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