Carl Perkins – best of the Sun sessions


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  1. Carl is the father of Rock-a-Billy guitar.  Among other things.  Every guitarist that has picked a lick since 1958 revers the name Carl Perkins.  Whenever you say his name, you should bow toward Memphis out of respect.  As a matter oh history, he was underpaid.  Johnny Cash fixed that problem and God Bless Johnny for doing it.  Carl belongs on the Lincoln spot of the Mt. Rushmore of Rock-a-billy.  We're still working on the book that explains all this and so stay tuned.  My father was a promoter for Sun Records and knew all these cats personally.  And don't get me started on Roy…….

  2. One of the best I hope he will never be forgotten, I am 60 now and love the music from the days when before and about the time I was born, will people still be listening to Carl in 60 years time I HOPE SO X

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