Carl Perkins, George Harrison, Eric Clapton – Medley – 9/9/1985 – Capitol Theatre (Official)


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  1. I thought someone below would name all the people on stage but I didn't see it. I can only name a few – help me out.
    Left to right:
    Carl – (a face I remember but not his name – Brian Adams??) – George Harrison – Eric Clapton – Rosanne Cash – Ring Star – (looks like 3 Stray Cats) – and I can't even see the guy on the end.

  2. Absolutely superb, name me any artist today who could either be the star or be among the stars accompanying? The accompaniment had more talent in it than all of today's shite posing as musicians….

  3. What would this sad old world be without this beautiful music? Whenever I have the blues it picks me right up. In this you can also hear the foundation of the music that carried the Traveling Wilburys.

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