Charlie Wilson – I’m Blessed (Audio) ft. T.I.


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  1. Mr,Charlie Wilson,this song is my inspiration to my recovery,30years of addiction to Substances,once hearing this song my Soul is Happy,feeling Blessed! Every Day!!! Keep your Testimony,Keep lifting up others with the lyrics of Truth!!!

  2. I am blessed I am too blessed to be stressed. 😊😊😊😊💒😊💒😊😊💒💒 I thank God for meeting my everyday needs With God all things are possible if you just trust and believe and hold on to his unchanging hands. All you have to do is keep the faith that God will move anything I Love Your Way. I have to say no weapon formed against me share prosper . I just thank God I just thank God I thank God.. all that he does. You have to honor the Lord if you want the Lord to. You have some of your quality time and he will be there for you. You will come in at midnight hour he will come whenever you need him all you have to do is call him. Are you going to do it look up in the sky see Lord I know you was right there all the time. So that's why I just thank God thank God thank God thank God. It is my comment. I hope someone like that comment hope I helped someone

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