Chris Brown – Everybody Knows (Official Audio)


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  1. The love I have for Christ brown it's overwhelming because since excuse me miss and run it I loved him and up Untill the present 2018 I still do with every bit of me! One day I will meet you and record with you God is great you are great blessings to you and family Chris #breezybaby

  2. Who truly thinks that he's the next Michael Jackson all of his albums are off the charts believe me when I tell you the Heartbreak on the full moon is his best album yet the best is yet to come may god bless Chris Brown among many measures any would not destroy this man's life he will be defeated God is right beside Chris Brown With God by him side he shall be great I declare and decree God has spoken🙏☝💞💖💕💓❤👑👑👑👑👑👑

  3. im really proud of Chris brown! he worked really hard on this album 45 songs!! It was worth it he's talented ,dedicated. a good father he might have made some bad choices in his life but he's really not a bad person love you chris!!!❤❤

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