Chris Brown – Zero (Official Music Video)


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  1. Every song this man makes is GOLD!!! Serouly this world needs to give this man another chance! He is so talented!!!!! If I was gudged for everything I did before I was a mother. I would definitely be the worst mother on the planet! But I'm actually a fantastic mother! People can change and grow up. His personal life shouldn't effect his employment/career life! No one at my job knows how much I'm boring and a hoving mother I am! 😏

  2. 1.Say Goodbye
    4.Fine China
    5.Beautiful People
    6.Yo excuse me miss
    7.With you
    8.Take you down
    9.Don't slow me down
    10.Kiss Kiss
    11 .Zero
    12.Make Love
    14.Back to Sleep
    15.Wall to Wall
    16. Run it
    17.Gimme that
    18.Don't Judge me
    19.I Can Transform Ya

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