Christina Aguilera – Fall In Line (Official Video) ft. Demi Lovato


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  1. This video deserves fucking 100 MILLION VIEWS..trash songs this days just got easy, but when two females release a female empowering song they want to ignore, hopelly the grammys wont and they will get nominations, coz any other song release it this year can equal this is PURE MASTERPIECE

  2. If you think by the end of this song they are free, you are wrong. Very wrong. You clearly were too busy looking at what you think is them being free by the "escape" and completely missing the main symbol for the control of these girls floats all around them. It's no accident, not by a long shot. Check out MKUltra sex kittens, you will see this in a very different light. The lyrics are very telling. They will never be free of the control. Sad, very sad. Poor girls. Please don't push this onto your kids.

  3. Either one of them could have released this song and it would have killed, but Christina and Demi have some incredible chemistry when their voices come together. I'm rooting so hard for Demi right now. I've seen too many good artists gone before their time. I come watch this video and I know that girl is a fighter, whatever she's going through.

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