Come to me / Kari Jobe


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  1. come to me those that are hungry and thirsty God say that he will give us bread and water that we won't thirst anymore. God have promise us comfort f<r those that are broken&rest for those that are warry. Amen 😍🙋🙌👆

  2. The washing, healing water of you oh Lord comforts and heals me when my flesh feels contrary to what this world and the people in this world do and say. Come Lord Jesus through the Power of your Holy Spirit and fill me with the joy of your presence.
    Until he comes I will share the gospel for His Glory!!!!

  3. My husband passed away April 2017. Jennifer, This video resonates in my heart. The retreat is how Jesus carries us through our hardest times in our darkest hours. This would be so powerful to use at this woman’s retreat. Do I have your permission.My retreat is based on the scripture, come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest

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