Dean Lewis – Be Alright (Official Audio)


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  1. this song is so good. it sends such a good message and so many people can relate to it. especially high school relationships, they hurt so much because when you break up you have to constantly see the person every day.

  2. People think the strongest men in this world don’t struggle. Only those that know us best know the struggles we go through. We try so often to put the front on that we alright in all situations when we really drowning inside.

  3. Back and forth for 8 years with my daughter's mother. She's a messed up person, but not a bad person, ill leave it at that and not go into detail.
    10 days ago I had to save her from her new-ish abusive boyfriend. Blood all over her.
    Today she decided to go back.
    Im sorry kiddo, I can't save you anymore. You aren't even willing to help yourself, and I'm not going to watch you fall any further than you already have.
    Now I have to take full custody of our daughter, and you will hardly be a part of our lives. And it breaks my heart to abandon you, more than everything else in the past has.

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