Demi Lovato – Don’t Forget Lyrics


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  1. When you fall in love with a childhood friend and they like you back but you move and they don't bother talking to you for many years and they forget about you. They now have someone to love and a new life. You now carry just memories and wonder what things could have been if things went differently.

    You date someone for over a year, you talk every day are into eachother, you break up for one day and you want to get back together the next day and they turn you down, you try again and they already find someone else, you stop talking, you don't talk for so long, they forget about you and find someone else.

    You search for someone to fall in love with but all the people you find lie to you, use you, and break you. You try to fix yourself and be strong but you break time and time again. You wonder if anyone will ever love you and hope for the best but your self esteem is gone. You wonder "how could someone ever love someone like me".

    You dream about falling love with people you've never met, these dreams reoccur and you wish they were real, you wish you had someone you could hug tightly and be with who wont run away with someone else. All you can do is dream, and hope for the best.

    You want to find the person to fix you but they are nowhere to be found right now, you worry about being alone forever, you try not to think about it but it comes up time and time again. You try to run but there's no one to run to, all you have is yourself.

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