Demi Lovato ft. Joe Jonas – Sing My Song For You (HD)


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  1. I really don't know why is so many people blaming Joe for their break up, first of all, he's engaged already, Demi is still close with him (as far as we know), their relationship happened like 8 years ago and Demi was struggling with mental illness and eating disorder before she would even meet Joe. I really don't think that he never loved her, he's been there for her through tough times and she's said that, the thing is that sometimes if you cannot save another person you have to let them go before it starts affecting you, people was so understable when this happened with Ariana and Mac and some commented it was stupid to blame Ariana for something that Mac had to battle alone against himself because it was not healthy for her anymore, the same goes for what happened between these two. The fact that some people on the comments are saying that he doesn't deserve Sophie, like WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE, TO SAY THAT? No one here knows him or Sophie personally, if she said yes then it should be because she's happy and comfortable with how Joe has treated her during their relationship. Sorry for the rant.

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