Demi Lovato – Get Back (Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated)


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  1. Well I'll just have to ignore my plans of picking a song with few comments. I'm assuming you can tell what song I listened to when I write. Your everything is a testimony to your beauty, courage and strength. The way you can't hide when you feel like you made a mistake. Comes with being a perfectionist. The way you do it a couple times I a row and don't miss a beat. They way everybody around you is smiling and singing along they don't even notice or care. In fact it makes us comfortable. The way you finish strong like Freddy Mercury. So my Sweet Lady don't worry about a thing because several are going to bite the dust when you exhale. Hi how are you? I'm David and I hope you have a good day. You encouraged me to type slower and not worry about any mistakes. So I'm going to have a good day too 😎

  2. Me encanta verla feliz y verla compartir esos momentos junto con sus amigos mas cercanos , a pasado a ser como mi dia a dia, el verla, escucharla cantar su música, el disfrutar cada uno de sus videoclips, el seguirla en redes, se ha convertido en alguien muy importante para mi y le deseo lo mejor. Me gustaría ir en breve a uno de sus conciertos para verla y darle todo mi apoyo en persona, estoy seguro de que sería un viaje inigualable. Será dificil ir este año debido a la cancelacion de los conciertos asi que espero verla el año que viene. Desde España le mando mucha fuerza, animos a montones y un abrazo enorme que espero que le ayude en su recuperacion.

  3. Miss you Demi I have been listening to your songs and looking at all sorts of videos that you're in like a weirdo but I don't care cause I miss you. Come back soon Queen💕 I know u probably won't see this but sending love from Trinidad

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