Demi Lovato – LIVE Vocal Range (C#3 – Eb6)


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  1. I wish you'd used more clips from the late Skyscraper era (like, her concert at Del Mar up through just before the release of "Demi"), that's when her singing was most solid overall… She's quite pitch this era, you can even just within the clips here (the F#5s, for instance). Still appreciate the work you put into the video though! 🙂

  2. Comparing different eras you can see the evident transformation of her tonality. She's got a decent range, always has. I can do without the runs, as they can be a little over done. She has potential to be great IMO. Heart Attack exemplifies her potential so well. Some of these belts were rough. The mid belts? I tend to like those a lot more than her upper belts.

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